Frequently Asked Questions

What Is This Site?

This is a website that allows you to send and receive Wownero, a meme cryptocurrency which started as a joke and fork of Monero.

How Does It Work?

When users register, a new Wownero wallet gets generated on the user's behalf. When logging in, each user's wallet gets mapped to them in the backend so that they can interact with only their wallet in the browser. Users can then use the site to send WOW and view their transactions.

Is It Safe?

No. Web wallets in general are not recommended for use as there are too many attack vectors and possible ways to potentially bypass security. Additionally, even though you can control the seed, this is technically a custodial wallet because I hold the wallet files and secrets used to access them; I still have control of the wallets and secrets. If someone finds a way to hack into the server, they could potentially gain access to this as well.

However, if you're willing to accept the risks, web wallets do make it very easy and convenient to get started, but you have to trust that A. we won't get hacked and B. we won't steal from you.

Why Should I Trust You?

You shouldn't. I am a stranger on the internet operating a custodial web wallet for a privacy-oriented, joke, memecoin. This should be all the red flags you need.

What Should I Use Instead?

Check the "Wallets" sections on the main Wownero website for the most recent software wallets available. Anything you can install on your own computer is the safest bet. This site uses `wownero-wallet-cli` under the hood; you should use that.